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Dear Parents and Guardians.

As you are all no doubt aware; the global situation that is currently affecting all areas of everyday life, COVID-19, is having a serious impact nationally. In recent days several events have been cancelled due to fears of the virus spreading.

As a district, we have reviewed the situation and will continue to do so. I would therefore like to inform you of the current stance and what to expect if the situation develops further.

We take the safety and health of all our members seriously, therefore we will be following the same advice that has been given out by Public Health England to schools and workplaces.

Do not send your child to a meeting or event if they show the symptoms of highlighted by the government as a cause for concern. 

persistent cough (that wasn’t there before) 
fever (a high temperature) 
shortness of breath

If your child does show any of these symptoms please self-isolate for 7 days as per Public Health England advice. If your child’s school is closed because of a potential outbreak of COVID-19 then we ask you do not send them to a meeting or event. In this case the District Team will make a decision with local groups that could mean the groups themselves could close.

As you are aware as of today, Thursday 12th March 2020, the government entered the ‘Delay’ stage. All events will be risk assessed as appropriate at the time following the most up to date advice from the government and The Scout Association. If we do need to cancel any events or meetings we will communicate with the group leaders, who in turn will inform all parents and guardians.

We ask that you communicate with your Group Leaders for information about issues that may arise because of these decisions, but as this is a fast moving development globally as well as locally we need to be vigilant. Please inform us if your child is asked to self-isolate as we may be required to take action ourselves. Please be assured that information supplied to us will remain confidential.

For the very latest information, visit the following Government website:

I would like to thank all parents who have made enquiries regarding this situation, and would like to inform you that we are continuing to monitor the situation. If your child has to self-isolate, we will ensure their place is reserved at their group until they are able to return. If you have any further questions, please direct them to the Group Leadership in the first instance, if they are unable to offer a response, they will be forwarded onto myself and I will answer as quickly as I can. As soon as the situation calms to where we can make more long term plans, I will update you on what has been agreed and what we are doing going forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.



Dene Bonar

District Commissioner, Manchester South District.