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As you might be aware Allanah is leaving Cubs and moving onto new pastures; we wish her every success, her last night will be 23rd of May.

I have started to work with both packs over the last couple of weeks…. There might be confusion around me I have many names John, Panda and Ikki (I’m the same person, Cub Leaders names traditionally come from the Jungle Book, and there aren’t pandas in the Jungle Book, so I became the black and white porcupine -Ikki)

After the half-term break, I am aiming to run both nights until we can find additional leader(s) and helpers, I have started a recruitment drive and started to get some people interested….  but until then we have several obstacles to consider.


Legally the Cubs need the following leader to adult help

“Other than two adults being present there is no minimum ratio of adults to Cub Scouts set for regular indoor Pack meetings.

The minimum ratio for outdoor activities and nights away events is 1 adult to 8 Cub Scouts plus the Leader in charge.”

Cubs Number of children Adults Required Indoor Adults Required Outdoor
Wednesday Night 10 2 3
Thursday Night 18 2 4

Personally, I don’t like running on the minimum; and maybe we need to set up a parent rota….. I need your help


The program should be fun entertaining and education; the Scout Association will allow us to do most sports and activities; the more dangerous ones are controlled through the permit schemes like shooting and archery.

Please have a chat with the children and see what they would like to do as I want to give them amazing life skills and memories.

If it’s fun for them and for the helpers; it means we get smiles and more leaders and children that would like to be involved.

Contact & Medical Records

Please ensure that Online Scout Manager (OSM) manager is up to date with your children’s details, medical records and allergies as this is the go-to place for the leadership team if we ever need the information.

Action Points

  • Can you stay to help? even just one session?
  • Parent Rota
  • What would the children like to do?
  • Most Importantly – If we are outside, I will need parental support, or the activity can’t happen!

If you would like a chat please email or call me.

Many thanks

John Williams

Group Scout Leader