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I would like this opportunity to say thank you for making me feel welcome and I was absolutely taken a back with the turn out for the BBQ and AGM.

Children wise – We are now getting full and now with some sections having to run a waiting list, which is amazing.

Leader/Helper wise – We are growing the team, but we still need more help, so please don’t be shy to step forward.

I am also pleased that there are a few camps, expeditions and activities being planned.

The next challenge for the group is to get out and Scouting, doing an enjoyable & challenging program, and being part of the community.

We have a couple of big events that we are trying to organise and for 2020, we want to be one of the most active groups in the area.

Many Thanks
John Williams
07912 515 570

Section Updates


Tom and Angela are doing amazing job, the number of Beavers has grown.

We hoping that we are going to be awarding a number of Bronze awards in the next few months.

Tom and Angela could do with an addtional pair of hands.

Cubs Wednesday

This was the smaller group with 9 members, but with the extra capacity we are rapidly growing.

I will be running the group until we can get a full time Section Leader, so if you know anyone that might be interested then please get in touch.

Currently I need some help, I have setup a Parent Rota within OSM please if you are free could you sign up, it would be greatly apricated.

The program has now been organised and should be published through OSM.

Cubs Thursday

We have managed to increase the leadership team, and Ellen Newman has agreed to become the Section Leader, we are just completing the planning and we will advise you via OSM.


The Scouts have seen a huge growth in numbers growing by 1/3. The team have done amazing and we are now looking at getting out and doing some WOW scouting. Currently they are planning for Skills Camp and the Silver Expedition.

Dates for the Diary

  • Scout Expedition September 27th -29th 
  • Skills Camp – Details to Follow October 25th – 27th
  • Remembrance Sunday 10th November

More details will be publish on OSM

Update from The AGM

It was agreed that the subs

1 – Move to monthly payments, ideally via OSM and paid every month – i.e. 12 monthly payments per year.

2 – New Subs levels for the year starting Sept 2019 and Sept 2020 to allow us to reach a common level of subs across all groups..

  • Beavers Subs £10 per month
  • Cubs Subs £11 per month
  • Scout Subs £12 per month
  • Explorer Subs £12 per month

All existing other arrangements would stay in place such as sibling discounts.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK Tax Payer you can “Gift Aid” your Subs, which costs you nothing but the Government give the group and additional 25%.

Shooting Group

Thank you to Colin Henstock (Scouts) for doing the first shooting day at the hut, I have challenged him to run the group on a more regular basis and lets see if we can get a Withington Scout in the National Competition.