More Cash for the Scout Hut

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We’ve been successful in yet more grant applications!

Hooray!! Here’s news of three more pots of grant money coming our way.

Pot 1. The Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund has kindly approved our application for new benches and chairs for the Group. The £1000 award will pay for folding tables and benches that can be used in the hall for functions as well as out on scout camps. Fantastic! Thank you Manchester Airport!

Pot 2. We’ve also been awarded £10,000 (yes, £10,000) by The Clothworkers’ Foundation towards the renovation of the Scout Hut. We’re going to spend the money on installing a central heating system. At the moment we only have a couple of wall-mounted gas burners that heat the hall and no heating anywhere else. Having a new heating system will go a long way to getting the hut back in shape. Thank you Clothworkers’ Foundation.

Pot 3. Manchester City Council has continued to support the group, awarding us some extra Cash Grant money for this year. We’ll be able to buy some more benches and tables and also all the fittings we need to install an accessible toilet. We’re in the process of raising more funds so we can then convert a room into a toilet for the disabled. Thank you Manchester City Council.