Our History

Our History

1907 – Baden-Powell (B-P) runs an experimental camp for 20 boys, from different backgrounds, on Brownsea Island in Dorset, based on the ideas he had begun to formulate.

1908 – B-P writes his ideas in a book titled Scouting for Boys (one of the top 10 best-selling books of the 20th century).  Scouting took on a life of its own as groups of boys across the country began to organise themselves into Patrols, using B-P’s book as the basis for camps and activities, and persuading adults to become their leaders.  B-P introduced the motto “Be Prepared” (based on his initials) which is still the Scout motto today.

1911 – 89th Manchester was created by Bertie James Waywood the first scoutmaster of 1st Withington

1912 –The Boy Scout Association is incorporated by Royal Charter, granted by King George V.

1916- Wolf Cubs begins for younger brothers who want to get involved.  Many years later it would be renamed Cub Scouts.

1918 – Rover Scouting begins for young men from 17-25 years old.

1928 – 89th Manchester – 1st Withington Offically re-registered with Gilwell

1938 – The hall was opened my Deputy Chief Scout, Lord Somers

1948- 89th Manchester – 1st Withington changed its name to 89th Manchester – (1st Withington)

1951- 89th Manchester – (1st Withington) changed its name to 89th Manchester, 1st Withington (Waygood’s Own)

1963 – The first Little Brothers groups started up in Northern Ireland, they would later go on to become Beaver Scouts.

1966 – A report is published recommending the biggest shake-up of Scouting since it began.

1967 – Rover Scouts and Senior Scouts amalgamated into a single section called Venture Scouts.

1976 – Girls are admitted into Venture Scouts.

1986 – Beaver Scouts officially became part of The Scout Association.

1991 –The decision is taken to allow girls to become members of all sections.

2002 – Venture Scouts replaced by Explorer Scouts and the Scout Network.  The Balanced Programme is introduced.

2007 – The Scout Association celebrates the centenary of Scouting.

2009 – Bear Grylls appointed Chief Scout.

2014 – UK membership reaches 550,000.

2019 – The exporer group choose the name Withington Waygoods