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Scouts are:-
• 17% more likely to demonstrate leadership skills
• 11% more likely to be better problem solvers
• 19% more likely to show emotional intelligence
• 17% more likely to be able to work well in teams. Physical and mental wellbeing
• Scouts are 32% more likely to be physically active than young people who don’t take part in Scouting.

Community impact

• Scouts are one-third more likely to take an active role in their communities
• Scouts are one-third more to help out in their local area, feel greater responsibility to their local community and volunteer to help others
• Scouts are 18% more likely to be curious about the world around them and 12% more likely to accept diversity in other people’s backgrounds and beliefs.

More importantly, we are part of Withington and growing.

I have started to volunteer with the group and I have 3  objectives:
• Inform, educate and wow the young people of Withington
• Grow and be part of the community. focusing on voluntary work, projects etc..
• Increase the number of volunteers – I desperately need more adult helpers

What I do I need from you?

I need adult helpers, no experience necessary. Training will be given

if you care, share! If you could, you should!